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Houston Factory Floor Coatings

If you have a production floor that has seen better days, don’t just repaint or seal it again. Consider something more durable and long-lasting such as epoxy or polyurea factory floor coatings. Since 2001, DWR Concrete Coatings has provided commercial surface coatings for businesses throughout Houston. Our products are easy to apply and cure fast, which means less downtime for you!

Epoxy & Polyurea Floor Coatings

We know how important it is for factories to remain operating throughout the year. If you have to shut down for work or maintenance, it means money lost. DWR Concrete Coatings offers long-lasting epoxy and polyurea floor coatings that apply quickly, yet remain intact and attractive for years. We stand confidently behind our products and even offer a 5-year warranty on all commercial factory floor coatings for Houston, TX, customers.

When you pick us as your polyurea or epoxy floor coating system installer, you’ll also enjoy these additional benefits and amenities:

  • We offer vinyl chip and quartz patterns in our polyurea floor coatings.
  • Choose to add an optional floor coating texture.
  • We’ll remove stains, chemicals, and repair concrete cracks and spalls.
  • Our products are resistant to chipping, peeling, delamination, UV damage, and everyday wear.
  • We have financing options available.

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When you want to move forward with a different kind of floor coating for your factory, reach out to DWR Concrete Coatings. Our industrial floor coating experts throughout Texas are available to assist with the selection of the right product for your budget and needs. Give us a phone call or fill out our online form right away to request a no-obligation consultation!

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